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Dalton Narine

King Carnival Productions
Executive producer and director
Miami, Florida
DALTON NARINE, executive producer and producer/director of Mas Man - The Complete Work, is an award-winning Florida writer and documentary filmmaker.
Born in Trinidad, Narine migrated to the United States in his late teens. His cinematic focus has been largely on Trinidadian art and cultural traditions.
His latest film, subtitled Peter Minshall, Trinidad Carnival Artist, is neither story nor biography, but a portrait of a designer who received the Prince Claus and Emmy awards for a body of work that includes three decades of thought-provoking human interest Carnival themes presented as upper-crust art; as well as his artistic direction of Opening Ceremonies at Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta and Salt Lake City.
The film is about a man from a tiny Caribbean island who reached 80 percent of the planet in a single night.
A print journalist, Narine wrote for the Village Voice (New York) while still a student at Brooklyn College and New York University. He joined Eastern Airlines and moved up the ranks to assistant manager of public relations.
Narine became associate editor for Ebony magazine, an editor at the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and a features editor/writer at The Miami Herald. He won writing awards at Ebony and The Herald.
The Miami resident is a decorated veteran of the American war in Vietnam. He is currently working on a screenplay about the human condition - the moral edge of a soldier struggling with intolerance, who refuses to surrender his self-respect amid the constant fluctuations of battlefield and post-traumatic survival.

My Filmmaker/Storyteller Finalist Sessions

Friday, October 26

1:30pm PDT